Chain Reaction O/S

Summary: Bella is a rising fashion photographer. She isn’t as lucky in her love life as she is in her professional one. She’s hired by Edward, an American model with great popularity in Europe, to take some pictures for his book. Will he be just what she needs, or just another thorn in her side?

Author: ange de l’aube

Edward & Bella



Code for Forums:

Note: Just click on the Blinkie or the Banner and it should take you to the story. The actual Banner is bigger, this is a reduced version to fit the theme of the Blog.


2 thoughts on “Chain Reaction O/S

  1. Oh Ange,

    I must say that Ange de l’aube’s world is looking the best it’s ever looked. Good work hon, it’s fab!

    Also got a little sidtracked looking at the Chain Reaction blinkie – my oh my, it’s as if you made it for me *swoon*


    • Actually I made it for myself… we just suffer from the same illness ‘Acute pervertitis’ LOL

      Thank you, I prefer to have two separate Blogs, one for my graphics and one for my writing… much as the rest of me…



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