*NEW FANART BLINKIE* Now and Then by @troublefollows1

*dusts offs blog*

Hiya 😉 Nope, I’m not dead, just overwhelmed with RL. It happens to the best of us…lol

So, I was reading a complete fic this last week, that had me in tears and sighing in happiness as well. When I finished reading it I just had to make something for it. Since it already had a gorgeous banner by the amazing Jaimerakin I decided I could make a blinkie instead. 🙂 Since I’m an OCD freak I made the blinkie so it would sort of match Jaime’s banner as well. You can find the gorgeous banner Jaimerakin made for this fic here: http://fictionfare.blogspot.com/p/banners.html

And here is the blinkie I made:

Now and Then

Now and Then

Author: troublefollows1017

Right now, she can’t remember. He can’t forget or let go. Then, she fell in love fast and hard. So did he. Can the heart remember what the mind has forgotten? Edward can only hope.
Rated: Fiction M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 16 – Words: 61,783 – Status: Complete – id: 8497520

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*NEW BANNER+BLINKIE* Another Earth by Nightcaller

Another Earth
Author: nightcaller
Her obsession with Earth’s twin planet, Gaia, is unexplained until her boyfriend is killed by a drunk driver on prom night, pushing her to fulfill her dreams of traveling to Gaia. Could there be another Edward on Gaia? This is the story of impossible possibilities and love delivered from the depths of death to another life on another earth.
Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Fantasy – Bella & Edward – id: 8566733

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*NEW FANART BLINKIE* Exposed by @kdc2239

Blinkie Code for Blogs and Tumblr

<a href="http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7329957/1/Exposed" target="_blank"><img  src="http://i935.photobucket.com/albums/ad192/angedelaube/TwiFic%20Blinkies/exposedBig.gif"></a>

Blinkie Code for Forums


Author: kdc2239
An influenza pandemic occurs when a new virus appears against which the human population has no immunity, resulting in epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness. The story of two strangers surviving when they only have each other.
Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella & Edward  – id: 7329957

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*NEW BANNER+BLINKIE* In Pursuit of Happiness by @MissBaby25 (AWtWB’s sequel)

In Pursuit of Happiness >> Summary
Author: Miss Baby 
AWtWB‘s sequel. After earning her freedom, Bella now has the unalienable right to make her own decisions. Will she choose to continue down the rocky road of her past or follow Edward into a future that seems almost equally impassable? Ride along on Bella’s journey as she navigates the crossroads of life knowing one wrong turn may alter her pursuit of happiness.
Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Edward & Bella
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I want Pearl HarborWard so bad, I’m going to make you an indecent proposal…

So anyone who knows me at ALL knows I adore Historical Romances. If it happened before the 60’s I’m probably going to love it 🙂

I made this banner a while ago for the During The War Challenge over at FicPics.

So Last night I got thinking– not usually a good thing in my case– What can I do to sweeten the deal so someone would write me Pearl Harbor E/B? (Preferably one which is not even remotely close to the movie ’cause who the hell wants to read B sleeping with Edward’s BFF and getting pregnant with BFF’s child not even a month after Edward was declared MIA. As you can tell I wasn’t a fan of Beckinsale’s character :D)

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*NEW BANNER* The Sum of All Your Choices by @ange_de_laube

Hiya, just here to post my latest animated banner for my entry to The Fic This Gif Contest.

I didn’t win but had lots of fun and I also got to play around in Photoshop and made this banner:

Summary: Life is the sum of all our choices. Sometimes we choose well, sometimes wrong. In the end, you wouldn’t be who you are without your choices. Follow Edward and Bella’s path towards one of the biggest choices of their lives.

You can find my oneshot on Fanfiction.net, My Stories’ Blog, The Writer’s Coffee Shop and Archive of Our Own.

For the Winners of Fic This Gif please visit their site and also their FF.net profile.

Thank you for your time,

*NEW FANART BANNER+BLINKIE* Indecent Proposal by @PattyRosa817

Indecent Proposal >> Summary
Edward’s heart was broken by the girl he’s loved for almost a decade. Drifter Bella wanders into Forks aimlessly one hot summer day. When their paths cross, he proposes a scheme to get them both their deepest desires. But things aren’t always as they seem & Fate can have other plans.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Edward & Bella 

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*NEW BLOG HEADER+BLOG BUTTON* Fic Fare Blog by @jaimearkin

Hello, yeah me again…lol…

So I made new pretties for my dear friend and total sweetheart @jaimearkin.

She has this awesome blog where she posts her banners (she’s one of my banner maker crushes) and also posts awesome reviews. That woman reads, and honestly, if you look at her Goodreads profile you know I really do mean READ with shouty caps (989 books so far, chokes.)

If you are looking for a good book/Fic rec or just looking for one of the awesome-nest banner-makers in the fandom, Jaime Arkin’s blog is the place for you 🙂

New Header

New Affiliate Button

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*NEW BLINKIE* Cutlass by @Tkegl (reviewed by amazing @ordinary_vamp)

Banner made by Tkegl

Hiya! I’m here to share my newest creation as usual 😀

I made the following blinkies basing my design on Tkegl‘s original design for her banner and using the manips she created for said banner. So basically, Tkegl already did all the hard work…lol

Anywho, I had lots of fun rewatching my Pirates of the Caribbean DVD’s to decide which scenes to use and I might have driven a couple of people nuts with my pirate talk. This is the result of my madness.

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